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Minibus Hire Wallington

When you need to travel, a lot of questions run into your mind. What means of transport will you use? Do you have enough money for this trip? Do intend to use public vehicles or hire a vehicle? Hiring is the most suited option, for convenience and safety. At minibus hire Wallington, we have what it takes to make your travel much safer. You need not to worry about getting lost in the middle of nowhere or making countless and unnecessary stops to reach your destination.

Travelling as a group, especially using public buses and trains, presents a lot of challenges such as booking tickets to connect routes, there is no privacy, and interacting with each other as you travel. Additionally, you may lose your luggage especially if the train or the bus crew isn't keen, not mentioning time and money you will spend and the services offered might not satisfy you.

At the end of it all, you will not enjoy the trip. When travelling to a destination you are not familiar with, the best thing to do is to hire a vehicle that is well acquainted with the area. Our drivers, who are locally selected, are also well trained to deliver outstanding services.

Our good reputation is built upon the quality of service we provide. No other company in the region understands the needs of a traveller like we do. We have many years of experience and we take it upon ourselves to further improve our services through lessons learned. Our vehicles are always in perfect working condition, serviced by a team of well trained technicians who are dedicated to ensure that your trip are free from technical and mechanical glitches.

Oxford being one of the oldest university towns in Europe has a lot to offer; from its streets and medieval structures to its spacious and stunning parks and gardens. You can also have a pip of its history and rich traditions from its museums. All these can be enjoyed as you cruise around in any of our modern minibuses with features such as Wi-Fi networks that will enable you to catch up with your loved ones on social networks.

We also offer various capacity seats depending on the number of people travelling. Our 8-10 seater minibus is handy for a small group. It has enough space and its seats can be folded to allow you to pass well when boarding or highlighting. The 12-14 seater minibuses are ideal for average number of people. It is also well spaced and comes with extra features such as water coolers and air conditioners to give you the luxury and comfort you need as a traveller.

For bigger groups such as sport and corporate teams we offer 16-18 seater minibuses and coach hire services. All our vehicles meet the requirements needed by authority. They are well conditioned and have active and valid insurance covers.

Don't hesitate to book with us or even ask around for the best customer service in the travel industry.

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